Professional Education

Program Re-design

Updating a globally distributed fitness therapy curriculum.




Art Direction, Design, Motion Graphics


TriggerPoint’s brand position has been built on the philosophy of ‘education before products’ meaning that proper understanding of human movement is necessary when learning the application of the therapy tools. An internal Education Department developed curriculum and materials to support exclusive 8 hour courses open to both general consumer as well as fitness industry professionals.

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Creative Approach

My primary task as a Master Trainer was to guide course participants through the existing curriculum of exercise science while demonstrating proper use of the TriggerPoint products. Although the course manual used for reference during the class was helpful, I quickly became aware of how the design and presentation of the content limited the learning process. After several months of struggling with the existing format I proposed re-designing the manuals in a effort to refine the educational process as well as recreate the content to appeal to a wider target market.

Previous Material


Copy Heavy

Although the images and information were accurate, the heavy emphasis of written instruction with minimal visuals commonly caused attendees to struggle when learning the techniques.

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Content Refinement

I drew from my previous teaching experience in order to distill the most useful components of the manuals.

I simplified the design to include more focus on the visual cues with minimal but specific verbal direction to produce a new approach to teaching TriggerPoint’s methodology and techniques.