Thought Process

& Methods

A brief glimpse of the creative rationale that informs my approach to design.

UX | Content | Art Direction


Health Education

TriggerPoint’s website, once home to a plethora of consumer-friendly health content, lost all historical material during the company’s acquisition in 2014. This project helped restore all of the rich media that once helped the brand become the foam rolling category leader.

Content Direction | Videography

Elevator Pitch

Retail Videos

My second major project as Design and Content Manager was collaborating with our marketing and sales department to produce a four-part video series to help teach TriggerPoint’s sales strategy within the big box retail environment.

UX | Content | Art Direction

Product Instruction

Video Portal

My first major assignment in becoming a Design & Content Manager for TriggerPoint under new ownership was to develop a digital platform that would host all of TriggerPoint’s previous instructional content.