& aspiring information-age Renaissance man.

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I’m a creative chimera –

I have the eyes of a designer, the hands of a videographer and the mind of a behavioral psychologist.

9 years of experience in art direction and digital media production, both from the marketing agency side and in-house creative team side. I’m adaptable throughout the creative process, can juggle multiple types of projects at once and love collaborating with a solid team to create great work.

  • Content Development
  • Wireframing & UX Comps
  • WordPress
  • eCommerce
  • Newsletters & digital ads
  • Social media graphics
  • Branding & Identity
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Packaging
  • Signage
  • Storyboarding & Production Planning
  • Videography/Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Studio Lighting
  • Audio Recording

I graduated in 2007 from Texas State University with a BFA in Communication Design, a program that instilled the value of conceptual thinking throughout the creative process. My first post-grad job was as a Junior Art Director for the groundbreaking advertising agency Bromley Communications where I learned the significance of applying research-based insights to marketing.

Midway through my career I began to divide my time between developing my design craftsmanship and a part time position as a NASM certified Personal Trainer. Balancing long hours at the office with working at the gym allowed me to stay active and also discover how inspiring it can be to motivate people to live healthier lives.

In 2010, I relocated my dual pursuits to Austin in order to immerse myself in the thriving fitness and creative scene. As a freelance designer and trainer I soon felt at home among the many ‘weirdos’ and eventually landed a position at Trigger Point Performance where I could combine my passion for fitness with my ever-expanding creative skill-set. In my 4 years with the company I’ve worn several hats – from teaching product seminars and re-developing the educational manuals and training videos to eventually managing the execution of TriggerPoint’s brand communications across all touch points. I helped lead the brand’s aesthetic evolution while maintaining consistent elegant and informative designs within packaging, video production, product marketing and web development.

In October of 2014 Implus Footcare acquired TriggerPoint to become the flagship brand for a new fitness division. My role evolved to include collaborating with the marketing teams to produce multimedia content for product campaigns across e-commerce, retail and social media promotions.

I’m passionate about self-development and exploring the ever-expanding intersection of where technology and design influence our health and behavior. In my spare time I continue to polish my videography/motion graphic skills and dabble in making beats while enjoying a good cider.

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Adaptive, Analytical


I really like making impactful consumer work through developing a thorough understanding of project objectives, brand messaging and figuring out the key insights to best connect with an audience.

My current emphasis has been on video production but I thrive at being a part of the entire creative process and working on a variety of projects.

Art Direction


Multimedia Production


Digital & Web Design


Branding & Identity

Conceptual Thinking
Execution Strategies
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Adobe CC Pro
UX/Front End Design
Content Development
Research & Ideation
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Driven to make new connections.

I am always thrilled to create new perspectives.


Naturally envision potential.

I am energized by sharing concepts of what is possible.


Passion for thought and mental activity.

I exercise my mind with analysis & problem-solving.


Easily detect patterns within complexity.

I intuitively perceive opportunities within challenges.


Compelled to seek excellence.

I am strengthened by the need to exceed expectation.

*According to Strength Finder 2.0
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2017 – Current
Leading social advertising agency specializing in multi-channel advertising management and creative services.
Digital Designer

Collaborated with account teams to develop creative based on client’s current social media analytics performance. Emphasis on motion graphics driven animation for e-commerce and mobile app gaming market.

2014 – 2017
Retail distributor Implus Corporation acquires TriggerPoint, establishes Austin office as marketing location for new fitness division.
Senior Manager, Video Production

Collaborated with brand teams to strategize and produce multimedia assets for B2C/B2C product campaigns across e-commerce, retail and social media.

Senior Manager, Design and Content

Led and supported the planning, development and execution of interactive content, e-commerce product resources and marketing campaigns for Implus fitness brands.

2011 – 2014
Sport therapy product brand specializing in consumer education and promoting personal empowerment through healthier movement.
Brand Design Manager

Lead Creative Department through the execution of branding updates across marketing efforts, packaging design, event collateral, and video projects. Coordinated team ideation and visual development of new company website.

Education Design Manager

Provided creative direction and led re-design of professional education materials. Managed planning and production of multimedia assets for industry and consumer product support.

Level 1 Master Trainer

Facilitated educational courses for domestic and international fitness professionals. Presented lecture material consisting of exercise science and therapeutic techniques for product application.

2008 – 2010
Full service advertising agency with decades of pioneering work for both general consumer and Hispanic Markets.

Junior Art Director

Assisted tenured creative teams in the development and execution of print, broadcast and interactive marketing e orts. Accounts included Payless Shoes, Coors Light, the NBA, and many more brands within the Latin American advertising market.