Harbinger Brand

Re-fresh Concepts

Building on brand legacy to modernize packaging, art direction and brand identity.


Harbinger Fitnesss


Art Direction, Design, Motion Graphics


Harbinger had been a market leader in the strength training market for almost 30 years when it was added to Implus’ new fitness. Our creative department was tasked with exploring ways to ‘refresh’ Harbinger’s design while retaining key historical conventions.


Though Harbinger has maintained a strong presence within the fitness industry they still suffer from very little name brand recognition despite being widely used by amateurs and pros alike. With very little customer research we weren’t sure how far we could depart from previous design. There was the added hurdle of accounting for the massive number of SKUs when creating packaging direction.

Previous Branding & Art Direction


The look and feel of strength

Workout gear is always tricky to select because it will ultimately depend on the feel and function which is different for everyone, so I opted to focus on painting a very clear picture of what someone can expect to ‘feel’ during their workout.

Identity Explorations

My inital options ranged from gradual tweaks to complete re-imaginings of the logo and lockup. Having nearly 2 decades of gym rat experiences, I tried to combine a traditional sporty/competitive look with the organic signs and scuffs found in most traditional gyms

Graphic Treatments

Packaging Update Concepts

Previous Packaging
Update Packaging Concept