Case Study

Video Portal




Creative Direction, UX, Graphic Design


Creating a digital resource for consumer content.

After TriggerPoint’s acquisition by retail distributor experts Implus Corporation, the decision was made to stop including instructional DVDs with merchandise and instead provide access to new digital outlet.

I led the ideation and design of the first phase of this new platform.

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Creative Strategy

I collaborated with TriggerPoint’s Education Department to establish the most effect way to condense older video content with newer material while adhering to ongoing brand updates. Since the original objective of this project was to start with providing free access and eventually become a subscription site, Netflix was our refrence point.

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Development Contraints

I was simultaneously the project manager and sole creative on this project which meant simplicity in my workflow and the portal’s design was key. Brand stakeholder’s input had to be integrated then relayed to our remote developers in order to meet a launch date that coincided with new packaging distribution.

Once the sitemap and functionality was approved, I balanced producing design asset with user testing in order to meet our launch deadline.

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Simplicity and Ease of Use

The one recurring point of stakeholder input was to require as few steps as possible for account creation or access to videos which is why I created a dynamic landing page and product specific subpages to encourage quick sign ups or easy browsing.

I also tried to establish a modular framework to allow content to added in the future.


Dynamic, Modular Homepage

I wanted to keep the navigation very simple but had to adapt once I was able to test. Having few resources and a short timeline I had to evolve my sketches until we launched.


Featured Content

Marketing research indicated that majority of traffic was expected to come from new customers, which is why the overall presentation had to be simple and inviting to encourage repeated visits.


Easy access to prefered content

The overall purpose of this project was to provide a resource for new and existing customers so the user interface needed to be intuitive and extremely simple.

The options and features had to be flexible enough to allow either a quick brush up on a specific methods or for longer viewings for anyone learning the techinques for the first time.

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