Elevator Pitch

Video Series




Creative Direction, Project Lead, Video Production


Unifying brand messaging and product benefits through sales training.

In December of 2014, TriggerPoint became one of the larger brands under the Implus catalog which prompted senior leadership to request a simplified consumer education strategy in the form of sales training videos.  I helped create the content, wrote out a basic structure of the dialogue and directed contract copywriter and videographer/editor to produce a four-part sales and marketing support video.

—  01


To effectively sell TriggerPoint products, there are several topics that are likely to be discussed- from a customer’s existing understanding of self-myofascial release, possible injuries or pain points to then familiarizing them with our product line.

—  02

Content Development

I interviewed sales staff and analyzed the commonalties within their sales pitch and selling process. I then developed a project board that helped visualized the separate but interrelated topics the videos would need to cover.

To stay within our minimal budget I collected archival videos, utilized minimal stock resources and enlisted support from a  contract videographer for additional B-roll footage.

—  03

Condensed Retail Message

Four separate videos, the first two serving as a brand introduction and consumer friendly explanation of foam rolling with the third and forth introducing TriggerPoint’s product line and helpful ways to sell.

—  VIDEO 1

Brand Story:

Legacy & Purpose

TriggerPoint’s grassroots history has always been a powerful way to connect with consumers of any walk of life since each product began as a solution to very relatable movement challenges.

The first video was intended to share a brief yet engaging glimpse of what the brand stands for.

—  VIDEO 2


to Self-Care

The second video was designed to be a brief, yet informative explanation of how fascia effects movement which then gives context to the need for rolling out. The intention is to anticipate common questions for the customer before they have to ask.

—  VIDEO 3

Product Line

& Benefits

The third video served as a video catalog of our products which also helped our new sales staff understand how a customer could gauge which product type would best suit their need and which options they could expect to use in the future.

—  VIDEO 4

Retail Training


The final video provided our sales department with a simple, consistent and compelling process of selling the products. This approach was then distributed to all major retail partners as training tool for new staff.